Speakers GETT 2022

Brittany Ward

Brittany Ward is a weekend evening forecaster at WDVM 25 in Hagerstown Maryland. She started her career in Beckley West Virginia as a reporter where she covered a variety of stories across the Mountain State, including breaking weather stories to inform viewers of what’s happening and how to stay safe during severe weather.

Brittany graduated from Temple University with her B.A. in Media Studies and Production. There she worked at Temple Update—a college newscast—as a reporter and weather producer. Her passion for weather developed during her senior year of college. She currently attends Mississippi State University to receive her certificate in Broadcast and Operational Meteorology.

When Brittany is not working, she loves to hang out with her friends and family or travel. She loves to explore new places and is looking forward to seeing what’s out in the DMV. She is excited to be bringing you the latest news and weather in the Washington, DC area! Watch her weather coverage every Saturday and Sunday at 6 pm and 10 pm. 

Dr. Yasmine Daniels

Yasmine Daniels has a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and works full time as an Industrial Hygienist in the US government, reviewing and assessing industrial & chemical hazards.  She also contributes to academia through her work as an Adjunct Professor of Chemistry and through research that she conducts aimed at developing fundamental tools to design eco-friendly ways of removing toxic substances (like heavy metals) from the environment.

Dr. Daniels is a full time mom and wife, part time volleyball player and coach, mentor and champion of STEM+Art (or STEAM) outreach. She wrote a bestselling children’s book called Building My Self-eSTEAM in Science which helps to motivate youth to pursue STEAM. Her book has since appeared on Amazon’s Top 100 Bestselling lists in three individual STEAM categories: 

1. Children’s Engineering Books; 

2. Children’s Computer Hardware and Robotics Books; and 

3. Children’s Math Fiction). 

Yasmine is incredibly excited to share her book and her passion for science with the world.

Dr. Daniels also provides wonderful resources both to youth and for women (particularly moms) and especially related to the STEM fields.

The first of her two programs is called ‘Pigtails and Pajamas’ and it is a (virtual) youth mentoring program geared at inspiring and assisting black and brown girls (ages 6-12) throughout their academic and personal journeys. The program is free to participants and funded primarily by public donations which are used to provide the girls with resources such as hands-on activities, invited speakers and school-related  necessities. More information about the program can be found at:https://classychemist.com/pigtails-pajamas/.

Her second program is called ‘Mommy & Me do STEAM’ which is inspired by her children’s book, Building My Self-eSTEAM in Science. Dr. Daniels creates online, fun, easy-to-do, at-home activities for parents and children as well as for educators to help build confidence in children interested in STEAM. She also offers private workshops for those interested in a more formal program for groups of students. More information can be found at: https://classychemist.com/activities/.

Connect with Dr. Daniels on social media:

● Instagram- @classychemist

● Facebook- @classycheminist

● Twitter- @classycheminist

● LinkedIn- Dr. Yasmine Daniels

Hattie B. McCarter

Hattie B. McCarter, also known as Hattie B, is a Southern Bell with a contagious smile and a giving heart from Enterprise, Alabama. Currently, Hattie resides in Lancaster, PA with her husband and energetic Boston Terrier named Bentley. Ten years ago, Hattie had to make the most difficult yet life-changing decision; and that was to move to Pennsylvania. She was fearful of the unknown but knew that she had to step out on faith to receive the blessing instore for her and her family. Hattie worked for the Department of Labor and Industry: Office of Vocational Rehabilitation as a VR Specialist with an expertise in DEI, Communications and HR for 10 years; however, she has been recently promoted to the Equity Management Program (EMP) Coordinator for the Department of General Services. Hattie has over 13+ plus years in working with community leaders, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations in promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Although Hattie is constantly hard at work and always thinking about her next adventure, she is a facilitator for B.R.A.V.E Conversations, who recently launched her podcast and YouTube Channel titled: Tea With Hattie B (TWHB) and will soon launch her new consulting business McCarter Equitable and Distinctive (M.E.N.D) Consulting Services.  TWHB is a platform among friends and family where we spill the tea on this thing called life. Hattie started her podcast journey in 2021 due to the pandemic and the realities that she began to face personally and professionally. TWHB is a place where all individuals can be empowered, vulnerable, authentic, and transparent in a space where you are loved with an intersectional lens and have the freedom to be YOU! Each episode you’ll hear conversations where we’re stirring the pot with LAUGH, TEARS, FEARS, LOVE, TRUTH and most importantly OUR LIVED EXPERIENCE. Hattie social media platforms include Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

Gillian Keating

Gillian lives in Ireland and is a past president of Cork Chamber of Commerce. She is also a member of the Audit Committee of Cork City Council and a board member of the South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital.

Gillian is a co founder of the highly successful and award winning I WISH (Inspiring Women in Stem) social enterprise. I WISH is an initiative to inspire young women to consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and in this way help address the skills gap in STEM. I Wish is a unique initiative in so far as it is a coalition of enterprise, local government and higher education all working together to deliver change. The scale of the events are also transformational. To date 17,000 female students have attended the I Wish showcase events in Cork and Dublin and I Wish campus weeks.